CAUTION! Beware of Side Effects of Medicinal Chemistry


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CAUTION! Beware of Side Effects of Medicinal Chemistry
You try to read the brochure or the rules of use on chemical drugs, you will find a series of side effects that you may experience when taking them.

But unlike the case with pure herbal medicine, you will not find any side effects when taking them. That there is a follow-back from the herb itself against disease and that there is an effect that is really just a process of healing because the body has received “food”. We all need to understand the difference between the side effects of the healing process. Side effects are a reaction to the body that refuses to treatment given, and this is usually caused due to synthetic or chemical treatment in which elements are considered unnatural and dangerous foreign by the body.

While the healing process broadly classified into three, namely:

1. The process of adjustment of the body, where the body's metabolism to adapt the system can take advantage of the treatment given. The reaction may appear differently in each individual, such as: dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain.

2. Detoxification process, in which the body remove toxins or harmful substances from the body when / after receiving treatment. Reactions that may occur: cough, runny nose, fever, rashes, ulcers, much sweat, frequent urination and large.

3. Regeneration process, where after receiving treatment, the cells change their body length with new cells to repair cells, tissues or organs that have been damaged.

Reactions that may occur: pain in certain body parts, cracked skin, weakness, fever, etc.. The healing process which sometimes cause uncomfortable reactions above, must be experienced by the body so that the body can be healed.

If you feel a backlash after using alternative medicine (including herbs), and then you stop the medication is given, it is tantamount to stopping the healing process.

A reaction can be said to be a side effect (body rejects the treatment given) if after the past 3 days, the condition of the patient INCREASE MORE SEVERE forwarded at the time of treatment. Negative reactions are usually seen immediately on patients taking drugs that are not chemically compatible with the body. So do not get used to you taking chemical drugs (although only drug that is in the shop though). Colds little, medication. Slight cough medicine.

Slight dizziness, drug. Did you know that the drugs you are taking and will eventually lead to new disease that you've never actually experienced it as damage to the kidneys, heart, liver, causing tumors, hypertension, intestinal damage, resulting in blindness, causing paralysis, convulsions, diarrhea , depression, pneumonia, shortness of breath, headache, and so forth.

Worse chemical drugs are mostly not cure you of illness you suffer but only eliminate symptoms. While the disease is still residing in your body. Everyone knows that eating is a harmful chemical drugs, while supplements can we consume every day. “Say NO to Medicinal Chemistry”

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