Dangers of Expired Food And Drink


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Dangers of Expired Food And Drink

Several health hazards that are often perched on the fridge, such as:

1. Moldy food
When mold grows in most blocks of cheddar cheese, then do not worry too much. You just cut off the moldy part and still be able to enjoy the rest of the cheese. But when mold grows almost all over the surface, then you should throw it in the trash. The same is true for fruits and vegetables.

However, when the fungus grows in other foods like leftover meat and poultry, pasta, casseroles, cottage cheese, yogurt, jam, bread or peanuts, it is time to say goodbye to the food, because it would be dangerous if eaten.

Some fungi can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems, which is why there was never a suggestion to sniff out food that is moldy. Some fungi also produce mycotoxins, the poisonous substances that can make people sick.

2. Sour milk and yoghurt
Easy enough to find milk and yoghurt were already sour, with a sniff. In addition, small flakes floating in it can also be an indicator that the drink is not healthy.

If it is open, ideally only milk and yogurt are well kept in the refrigerator for one or two days. But if the packaging is intact, may still be safe to eat. However, please note that the yogurt will gradually begin to lose flavor, texture and nutrition. Finally, it may also be unsafe to eat.

3. The smell of fish
Fresh and raw fish stored only good for one or two days in the refrigerator. If it is cooked, it can last up to three or four days, but must be heated before eating.

4. Meat
Meat could still be seen, smelled and taste good, but that does not mean it is always safe to eat. Always check the expiration date and do not use raw meat that has been stored in the refrigerator for more than two days and steak for more than four days.

Cooked meat can last up to four days. But if detected mucus layer on the meat, changing the color or odor, it is really very dangerous. But long before these changes take place, the meat might not be safe for consumption.

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