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Eating Tips For Kids Want
Some of these tips may help parents to deal with the child to eat:

    Apply the dinner with the family every day
    By looking at the parents and other family members eat together, children will also be attracted to the meal. If the child still refuses to eat, ask the children to remain seated in the dining room until finished eating.

    Serve moderate portions of food in small portions but more often

    There are some children who are increasingly eager to eat when food is served in large portions (rather a lot). For these children, they usually will feel satisfied first, before the meal when you see large portions. For this reason, parents need to give food to children in moderate portions. If the child is able to spend their food give praise to the child, and gradually give more food if the child is still hungry.

    When meals give children water as a drink
    Instead, give water during meals to children as a drink. After he spent makananya then you can give him milk. When you give the milk before meals, it is feared the child will quickly feel full and no longer want to spend their food.

    Do not give too much snack
    So that your child want to eat his food at mealtimes, parents should not too often or too much to give a snack or a light snack in between meals children.

    Make it fun every time children eat
    For example, a relaxed atmosphere and not in a hurry (especially if the child is still learning to eat alone). Feeding in a hurry to make a child to choke.

    You can have a conversation about what their children eat. For example, the child was eating vegetable soup, ask the kinds of colors and shapes in the soup in the bowl. If the child contains carrot soup, sausage, chunks of chicken, pasta, corn, peas and potatoes as well ask how many types of vegetables in the soup are eaten. Tell children nutritional food that was eaten and the benefits that children can eat diet, for example, children will quickly higher, bigger and stronger faster.

    Instead, parents should not create a “horror” when children eat. Indeed, there are times when parents become provoked emotions and scold the child who will not eat. Control your emotions as conditions like that just makes children become increasingly unhappy meals. In the end, the child will be more reluctant to eat.
    Serve food menu varies each day so that children do not get bored
    Varied diet is also very good at helping children nutrition. The body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals every day. Since none of the food has all the nutrients in full, then we have to implement a healthy diet and balanced. Therefore, you should present a menu that is set up in such a way that children get all the nutrients they need.

    Serve food with an attractive
    Display interesting food will surely make children a passion for eating. In order to increase her appetite, serve food in chunks cute shapes and contrasting colors blend attractive to children.

    For example, food is served in the form of satay minced meat balls, fruit skewers, fried potato balls, mini pancakes, fried fish and chicken fried breadcrumbs berbalur that have interesting shapes.

    As well Serve food with spoons, plates, bowls and plastic forks favorite cartoon or funny pictures and interesting. It can make a child so much passion for eating. When your child is still full of food can not see images in the base plate favorite character. Having already started running out of food your child will begin to see some of the images. Continue to give him the motivation that eventually the child can see the whole picture once the food runs out at the plate.
    Akali giving foods that do not like kids
    You can slip or hide vegetables or fruits that your child does not like his favorite food. For example, children do not like bananas and carrots, but like cake and muffins, you can make banana cake or carrot muffin for him.

    Another example if your child likes yogurt, but do not like fruits, then you can insert a few small pieces of fruit to mix with her favorite yogurt to add nutritional content. But avoid giving yogurt with fruit flavors such as banana or strawberry flavor, because it means the flavor of the fruit is derived from substances such as Essens additional fruit, dyes, and other chemicals.

    If your child would rather drink than food, for example, he does not like fruits and vegetables. For example, children do not like strawberries (for example, because there are a lot of small seeds on the outside), then you can give strawberry juice or make smoothies (strawberry, ice, yogurt or mashed bananas in a blender). Can also be made by mixing milk milkshake and strawberry ice cream. Do a fun activity to make a smoothie or milkshake is made with the child, although the kitchen will be a mess, children usually become more interested in drinking nutritious homemade.

    If the child does not like fresh fruits, then you can provide healthy snacks such as banana chips, fruit and dates, candied mango or dried apples. Of course, like snacking more healthier than chocolate, candy and snack crunchy snacks that contain MSG (monosodium glutamate).

    preparing meals with the children
    Involve children in preparing food
    Encourage and involve children in preparing food because kids tend to like to eat their own food creations. Let your child help prepare the food for example asking a child to slice the bananas to be eaten with a plastic knife that is shaped like wheels. When creating your mini sandwich cookie cutter mold can give to children to create designs that can be eaten from foods such as cheese, bread and thin slices of meat.

    Involve your child to choose the food that you will cook for the evening or the next day
    You can also invite children to choose foods that will be eaten. Of course, the menu can be selected children should also be tailored to the type of food you have at home.

    Make a habit of eating the right way
    You should not teach children to eat while playing with his toys, let him run around while eating or while watching TV, because eventually the child becomes the focus of the food should be eaten. Familiarize your child to always eat at the table and in a sitting position, not lying down or while playing.

    Occasionally change the atmosphere of eating
    Every now and then change into more casual dining atmosphere by a picnic on the patio behind the house or going to the playground around you live. Have your child help you prepare for a picnic and the food will eaten later.

    Careful in introducing new foods to children
    If you want to introduce new foods to children, provide food along with the child's favorite foods. Children may be touched, kissed and tried to bite him, and there is the possibility of spewing makananan because the taste and texture that has never been tried. Be patient, do not be quick to give up and give food a few days later.

    Suapi child when the child does not want to eat
    For small children, especially toddlers, sometimes you can help your child eat with feeding if the child does not want to eat. After all, we certainly do not want to if the child get sick just because he was on a hunger strike and parents being too “hard” for the child, for example, just to be rude because the kids would not eat. Try to find out the condition of the child, because the child may refuse to eat because of being sick. The point is do not just get up and continue to find ways to get the kids loved the necessary nutrients for the growth process.

    Be a good example for children
    Parents are an example for their children. Therefore, parents should only eat at places that have been provided by the dining room. In addition, parents should apply a healthy diet in the family (especially for your little early) example by eating plenty of vegetables and fruits.

    Parents must be patient
    There are times when today's kids want to eat the food you serve, but the next few days the child refused. It takes patience from parents in providing food to the children because every child has a different character.

    Never force your child to eat if he was not hungry while scooping food into his mouth despite thrashing child refuses to eat. This is to avoid the danger of choking and vomiting in children. In addition, the way it can make a child's fear, trauma and frustration when the meal hour.

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