Factors Affecting Growth


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Factors Affecting Growth
Every parent would want their children to develop optimal and healthy. Therefore, parents need to know, what-what effect on children's development. With so later in the guardianship can be optimized.

There are four factors that influence children's development.

1. environment
A loving environment and adequate facilities in the form of stimulation, make a big impact on increasing the level of intelligence of the child. Good environmental stimulation will lead to the addition of the thickness of the cortex (brain lining), increasing the number of synapses (connecting) per neuron (nerve cell) and the addition of capillaries in the brain.

2. maturity

The development of a mature nervous system would make organ functions perfectly. For example, the function of the senses become more perfect. It may help children improve their ability to receive stimulation.

3. Social influence

Reciprocal relationship between the child and the social environment, such as parenting and education will affect the cognitive development of children. Parenting a warm and loving can improve a child's development.

4. nutrition

Nutrition gives a great influence on the development of the whole child, both physical and brain. Adequate nutrition needs and implementing a balanced diet should be given from the fetus in the womb. There is a theory which states the period of brain growth spur (brain growth spurt), when the mother's pregnancy into three trimesters and after birth until the age of 2 years.

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