The importance Maintain Eye Health


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The importance Maintain Eye Health

Health is wealth that is very expensive and can not be replaced by anything. Therefore, many people who seek to maintain the state of mind and body to stay healthy always. Maintaining a healthy body is very important so many people doing body treatments to support health. Because if the people developing the disease, the body will easily tired and weak, but pain that nature. So what about people who lost the use of his body, suffering from a disease that no part of the body that is not functioning normally.

Such blindness experienced by a person due to cataracts caused by various diseases, or even accident damaged his retina so that his eyes can not see properly. If it is so then a lot of people were let go and accept life in blindness. Not imagine, what it was like to live without sight. All is dark and not be able to recognize something well before us.

For that reason it is important to maintain eye health so that the eye can see well. Eyes are one source of life that we can see all sesutunya well. Through our eyes can recognize and enjoy all the sights there. In addition, the life will not be difficult for yourself, because it can distinguish between black and white as well as other objects. How important function of the eye so that the person can perform the activity properly and correctly.

Then how can we live without the normal eye or blindness. When you do not have the patience then his life will taste bland. All activities obstructed and need help as a direction. The importance of eye health is necessary for the eye to function properly and remain normal. To keep it requires special attention to make a habit of eating healthy foods, to avoid disruption of eye diseases that can be blinding. As cataracts can indeed help fix the glasses, or surgery. However, it takes a lot of money and time and many other losses due to unhealthy eyes.

'Prevention is better than cure' by Prof. Bambang Dean FKG UI. Therefore, before attacking the eye disease, mengantisiapsinya better by eating various kinds of vitamins, especially vitamin A, which is good for the eyes kesehtan. People often consume vitamin A, generally have healthy eyes and has a sharp, so it is contributing to the maintenance of eye health.

Besides eating, there is also a way of getting a normal reading distance, so that the eyes will remain intact. Generally people who are myopic, it is caused by frequent reading with a very close distance so that the focus will shift retina gradually. When that happens constantly then the focal point of the retina will be amended so that a myopic view. So, get used to a normal reading distance of about 30 cm from the eye so that the eye is well maintained.

In addition, many people who have activities watching TV, or working in front of a computer screen for hours, without a break, then the eye will experience fatigue. If it continues to do so will often experience eye pain, burning, stinging and myopic. Generally, people who have experienced it, emnggunakan glasses to see clearly.

However, we do not want it to happen, in general, for people who do not have the eye disease / blindness is keeping the eyes healthy and normal. When it started to get used to preserve and maintain good eye, then our eyes will remain healthy and beautiful. Consumption of food and beverages that contain vitamins and nutrients for health, especially carrots contain vitamin A, which is needed by the eye so that nutrients can nourish the eye so that any germs or bacteria that enter the eye will not make eye easily hurt. So healthy eye would make life more meaningful to the lives of.

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