Tips To Avoid From Counterfeit Medicines


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Tips To Avoid From Counterfeit Medicines

Here are some things to consider:

Note Packaging
Observe and select drugs that are still stored in the packaging is intact and good. Note the license number on the packaging, name and address of the manufacturer are listed clearly, and also read information about the drug in the packaging leaflet. Example; bottle sealed, no dents and Aluminium Box in good condition.

Press the aluminum packaging. When it feels soft, it could be because of poor storage of drugs so that quality is declining or even drug has expired. Slightest difference should we suspect to be the characteristics of counterfeit drugs. Check the color, is too dark or too light and sometimes different forms of writing as well as the size of the original.

Cheque Number Registration
Always check POM registration number, expiry date and batch number of the drug. In the original drug packaging ink is not easily fade. Ensure clear and legible with no damage to the three mentioned on the packaging. Sometimes the expiration dates printed on fake drugs, but only posted it.

Do not be tempted with Tilt Price
Purchase pharmacy-only drugs in a pharmacy or drug store officially registered. Suspect also if you go to a pharmacy that does not provide pharmacists guard. A good idea to immediately move to another pharmacy.

    Identify the type of drug
    Before buying medication, always first identify what type of drug you are looking for.

    – Green Circle: This drug is OTC; whose meaning can be purchased at drug stores.

    – Circle of Blue: This drug is OTC Limited;, which means you can buy at the drug store, but it's good you buy it in pharmacies because of its use must be under the supervision of a pharmacist.

    – Circle Red: This is the Prescription Drugs Drugs / Limited; meaning that you can buy at a pharmacy with a doctor's prescription.

    – Specific drug class G (Gevaarlijk) or hard drugs original must and can only be purchased with a prescription at the pharmacy, not at the drug store.
    Do not be tempted Drug Imports
    Do not be easily tempted to buy imported medicines, even those with trademarks and the same manufacturer, but if the drug is not listed in BPOM (Agency for Food and Drug Administration) RI, then we can be sure the drug is counterfeit.

    Buy Prescription Drugs Under
    Do not be persuaded to switch to another drug, because any changes in the prescription drugs you must be with the approval of your doctor. Who is willing to guarantee that if another drug is safe or not bogus?! Kan you yourself will feel the consequences later, not others.

    Destroy the rest of medicine
    To avoid drug use by parties who are not responsible should the drug in the form of pills, tablets and capsules which are not worthy of consumption destroyed and thrown into the sink. And if the drug in the form of packaging a good idea to cut the packaging of the drug and do not forget to destroy the used medicine bottles.

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