Which type of Chocolate Good For Health


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Which type of Chocolate Good For Health
1. couverture

Couverture chocolate is the best kind. This pure chocolate with a high cocoa fat percentage, resulting in a very good flavor. Usually used for the manufacture of handmade chocolate products. Prior to use, this type of chocolate through a process of tempering (melted) first.

2. chocolate bargaining
This type of chocolate used for cookies, cakes, and a variety of other snacks. The percentage of cocoa mass varies between 30-70 per cent. The higher the concentration of cocoa mass, the better the flavor.

3. chocolate milk
One type of chocolate is a mixture of sugar, cocoa, melted chocolate, milk, and vanilla. Chocolate is the most widely consumed type. Cocoa mass is low at only 20 percent and tastes sweeter than fresh chocolate.

Chocolate is definitely a favorite of children because it can be directly eaten with a sweet taste. The content of the milk to make a more delicate flavor. If you want to make a cake, chocolate kind is not a good choice. In addition to relatively low content of chocolate, chocolate is easily burned when melted.

4. white chocolate
Mostly white chocolate contains no cocoa mass is high. In addition to direct consumption, white chocolate is often used for decoration. Chocolate is made from cocoa fat, sugar, and vanilla that does not contain cocoa solids. Because it is easy charred, it's good to be cooked carefully.

5. cocoa
Products chocolate is made of cocoa mass, cocoa after the fat is separated. This product is very easy to be processed and economical. Can be found in the stalls around where you live.

6. molten chocolate
Molten chocolate drink is a product containing cocoa mass and contain high sugar levels. Sugar levels, so-called ringleader of increased body weight, it may well want to try for the tips on how to fatten the body.

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