Yam Benefits on Health


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Yam Benefits on Health
The chemical content of yam is pachyrhizon, rotenon, inulin, vitamins B1 and C. Tubers contain sugar and starch as well as phosphorus and calcium. Bulbs also have a cooling effect because they contain 86-90% moisture content. The sweet taste comes from an oligosaccharide called inulin.

Yam benefits on health:

     Overcoming skin diseases. Seed yam and sulfur (each to taste) crushed and then placed on the body of the sick.

     If you suffer from diabetes. one or two of grated yam and then filtered and drunk every morning and afternoon.

     As the fever medicine. Jicama which has chemical properties that merit can be used to cool the fever down. Jicama can be eaten directly or made ​​into juice drink morning and evening.
     Overcoming eczema. Yam peeled and eaten directly. Perform routine four times a week.
     Overcoming wasir.Bengkoang be juiced and drunk every waking in the morning
     Content antiseptic bengkoang overcome itching in the skin
     Lowering Blood Cholesterol Levels

One way to lower cholesterol in the blood by way of setting food properly. Yam juice therapy can be done to lower cholesterol in the blood. The content of water and fiber in the yam can help lower blood cholesterol levels. In addition to fiber and high water content, the content of vitamin C in the yam which functions as an antioxidant may also help in the reduction of cholesterol levels in the blood.

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